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Hard iron labs nutrition program

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Hard Iron Labs Nutrition Guide to Weight Loss

*If you are bulking just add 500 calories to your "maintenance calories"(the amount of calories you need to eat to maintain your weight). This nutrition guide is focused on fat loss.*

Your nutrition is the most important aspect for loosing fat and to transform your body!

Hard Iron Lab’s Nutrition’s Guide to Weight Loss is based on combining clean healthy eating but also combines a flexible dieting approach.

For example you will be require to eat a certain amount of “clean” (Vegetables, Lean Protein, etc) foods daily. But then for the rest of your calories you can choose to eat whatever you want as long as you stay under your daily calories limit.

The reason for this is because we believe going to an extreme of a diet of “only chicken, rice, and broccoli” for almost anyone is just far too much, what end ups happening is that you will stick to the diet really good for a couple of days but end up binging on tons of junk food.

Allowing yourself you have some flexibility of some “junk” food in your diet helps you keep on track and prevents binging. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO LOSING
WEIGHT IS BEING CONSISTANT ON NEVER/RARELY OVER EATING YOUR DAILY CALORIE LIMIT. This is where tracking your food intake comes in to be very important, we highly recommend using an app such as MyFitnessPal to track your calories.

If you do happen to go over your calorie limit for a day don’t beat yourself up! Don’t go eating more food because you messed up. Just get back on track and keep dieting every day is a new day, being consistent and enjoying the journey is the true key.

The goal is to move to eating healthier and healthier and for it to become a sustainable lifestyle for you. If you are not committed to having healthier eating habits then you will eventually gain the weight back in the long run. This is why it is a marathon and not a sprint. To be completely honest, when you diet there will be times when you are going to be hungry, tired, worn down, and feel miserable due to eating lower calories. But this is just a sacrifice that you are going to be will to take and you are going to need to be strong if you want real results and want to get rid of that fat fast!

The goal is to lose 2 LB a week. If you are losing more than 2LB a week then you need to increase your calories as any more than 2 LB is too fast and unhealthy.(Be aware of water weight, there is a huge difference of losing water weight and losing fat.) And if you are not losing any weight every week you need to lower your calories until you are at least losing 1-2 LB a week.

Also if you do weigh yourself always make sure you weigh yourself and the same time and with the same conditions. Example: If you weigh yourself in the morning with only your underwear on after you go to the bathroom, you are going to weigh less than if you weigh yourself at night after you ate and drank all your food for the day and you were wearing you clothes.

Hard Iron Labs Rapid and Aggressive Fat Loss Plan:

Step 1) Figure out the calories you need to eat daily in order to lose 2 LB a week. Here is how you find that out:

1.Click the link provided to the calories calculator. Calories Calculator link:

2. Fill out your information, for Activity level select the
‘Moderately Active’ option (we recommend this for fastest results).

3. Click ‘Calculate’, you will be shown your results. Look for the results that say “You need XXXX Calories/day to lose 2 lb per week” THAT NUMBER IS YOUR DAILY CALORIE LIMIT.

Now that you know your daily calorie limit, the next steps in this guide will explain what you should eat for those calories. REMEMBER THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO LOSING WEIGHT IS TO NOT OVER EAT YOUR DAILY CALORIE LIMIT.
*You will need to recalculate your number after every 5 pounds you lose*

Step 2) Figure out your daily protein requirements. This is simple, you need to eat 1g of protein for every 1 LB you weigh. Example if you weigh 200 pounds then you need to eat 200g of protein a day.

Eating lots of protein is essential for maintaining/building your muscle and for your body to recover, it is the most important thing you need to eat. Hitting your daily protein requirement should always be your number 1 priority.

Step 3) Figure out how much carbs and fats (left over calories) you need to eat. For this guide there is no minimum requirement to eat for carbs and fat, only protein because we allow you to be flexible with you calories once you have hit your protein requirement. You can eat food with more carbs or more fat JUST STAY UNDER YOUR DAILY CALOIRES!

Example: Your daily calories are 2000 and you weigh 200 LB so you need 200g of
protein a day. There is 4 calories in every gram of protein so 200*4=800 calories. This means that you have 1200 calories left eat daily. With these calories you can choose to eat foods with more carbs and less fat or fatter foods and foods with less carbs, the choice is up to you. Just always make sure for whatever you eat in a day that the total
calories that you eat do not exceed your daily calorie limit!

Step 4) Sample Meal Plan for 200 LB Male with 2000 Calories Limit (2000 calories is just being used as an example)

The number of meals a day is up to you. Just divided your daily calorie limit by your number of meals you are going to have in a day, to figure out how many calories each of your meals should be. For this example we have a 2000 calories limit and are going to have 5 meals. 2000/5= 400, this means each meal should be around 400
calories. We also need to eat 200g of protein a day, so 200 divided by 5 meals equals 40. This means each meal should also roughly have 40g of protein per meal.

SAMPLE Meal Plan (a example of how you could eat.)

Meal 1 (Breakfast)-
2 Scoops Whey Protein-240 calories, 48g protein
1 Banana- 105 calories

Meal 2-
7oz of cooked chicken breast, 245 calories 40g protein
1 potato- 163 calories

Meal 3-
7oz of cooked chicken breast, 245 calories 40g protein
Mixed Green Salad Low calorie Italian dressing- 50 calories
3 Oreos- 160 calories (too show you can be flexible with your calories, still always try to be healthy as possible)

Meal 4 (post workout)-
2 Scoops Whey Protein-240 calories, 48g protein
1 apple- 95 calories
1 Pita Bread Slice- 165 calories

Meal 5-
7oz of cooked chicken breast, 245 calories 40g protein
Mix green salad, low calorie dressing- 50 calories

Total Calories 2003, Total Protein 216g

We are here to answer all your questions! Please contact us @, or our website

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